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Automated Trading Systems and Robots for Indian Markets NSE
Trading Systems(ATS)

dhavin.in has been working on Strategy development using Technical analysis and Quantative modeling since 2006 and during the recent three years has been converted to an automated system. Thus, after a Nine year period of extensive backtesting, manual reviewing of each trade and position adjusting, Our systems are now available for individual investors to help level the playing field with the pros, hedge funds and private equity firms on Dalal Street.

Our algorithmic trading strategies use several data points to power its decision making and trades. The use of cycles, volume ratios, trends, volatility, market sentiment, and pattern recognition puts the probability in our favor.

CAUTION : If you are looking for  SureShot calls, 90% to 110% accuracy, Operator calls, or want to become rich overnight. Then this is not a place for you. Do not waste your time here..

§  Nifty Swing (Positional) Trading System          Updated

§   BANK Nifty (Positional) Trading System           Updated

§  Crude OIL (Intraday) Trading System           Updated

§  USDINR  Swing (Positional) Trading System

§  GOLD, SILVER, & CRUDE OIL Swing (Positional) Trading System

Each year the stock market has a sweet spot where 80% of the gains will be generated within a few months so commitment to the algorithmic trading system is important for long term success.


§  Different types of Trading and risk associated with them.

§  Mindset of a  System Trader

§  About Algo Trading.

§  Different types of analysis

§  How to Evaluate a System



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